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Welcome to Fised4Future, a No Cost Donation web platform to support Good Purposes on Sustainability and Social Utility.


1. We use video ads that can already be done.

2. We show video ads (pre-roll), before the video of the Good Purpose, to 

3. Watching video ads (up to 30 seconds) until the end, people will fund Good Purposes. We call it No Cost Donation. No registration required.

As a donor you will only watch a video ad (pre-roll) for its entire duration, up to 30 seconds. We call it No Cost Donation. No registration required but any sharing is welcome.

Fised4Future wants to use a not-for-profit approach (by reinvesting the profit in the growth of the platform or by donating it to Charities and/or Social Enterprises), and with our very limited resources, we accept all professionals who want help us improve with their free contributions, we’ll never stop thanking you.

Fised4Future only uses essential cookies, for the functioning and improvement of the platform, like Google analytics and Yandex Metrica cookies. It doesn’t collect your personal or sensitive data, protects your privacy as much as possible. As soon as possible it will use more ethical analytics like Matomo.