If you are a social media manager join us – for free – in our video ad-network and with our  #NoCostDonation you’ll make the world a better place.

As social media manager, without your own website or if you don’t want to host our banner, we will create your pages – example here – to (one with your description and another with the fund or project you are funding with your distribution) where you can direct your followers. So we can accurately measure your work.

All your benefit as social media manager:

  • Improve your Social Responsability and reputation towards all your community;
  • Earn 14% from our campaigns for your distribution with full view. People will come on your webpage to and they will click play to watch a video of one project or fund with a pre-roll video ads;
  • You will not have to pay, no cost for you;
  • Payments monthly (the minimum value must be more than the transfer fee) or within the end of the year always through Stripe;
  • You will not receive video ad campaigns from your competitors;
  • You can decide to not distribute video ad in contrast with your ethics.

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